84 thoughts on “40 Interesting Facts About Sri Lankan People

  1. Sebe

    I felt nostalgic to read this. Though Indian, I grew up in Sri Lanka. I left the island in 1974 and have lived in India and now in Britain. But I still say, “pouuuuu” and “chi” and “sello-tape”. I still give sniffy kisses. I have to constantly check myself that I am not smiling at Britishly inappropriate times. I still ask people to call me ‘aunty’ even though they don’t know me and I feel odd to call older people ( there are very few older than me now) by their names.
    I still love the sound of Baila – ” Irene, Josepin, Rosalin, Angelin” and “Suranganita maalu genava “.
    Pepper and salt and chilli on fruit especially half ripe mangoes- and on pineapple… Yum yum And give me rice and curry anytime. Stringhoppers, sodhi, sambol and a hot fish curry for breakfast – Yeah!
    I think that I am still Sri Lankan to the bone, no?

    1. Anji


      I lived in SL and UK. I understand your feeling on Sri Lankan. They are joyful people and their life is simple with more value for human life than money.
      English people are polite,more reserved and highly private.(Not disrespecting them but describing my personal observation on them). I used to smile at unknown people (as a gesture as in SL) when i was in UK and they asked me “Whats up..Why do you smile at me. ” :).. very few smile back to me.

      Damn I really missed SL….

  2. Kalu suddek

    මේකේ ලියලා තියෙන සමහර දේ ඇත්ත. සම්හරදේ අවමාන ස්වරුපයෙන්. ලංකාවේ ඉඳල පිටරට ගිය පුද්ගලයකුගේ සිතිවිලි වගේ. ලංකාව ඔහොම තමයි. ඒවාට තමයි අපි ආදරේ. මොකද්ද මේකේ විශේෂත්වය. Some people may think overseas culture is the culture and others not. In western world they eat meat for all three meals. sri lankans eat rice & curry for three meals. Whats up. Then මොකද්ද මේකේ විශේෂත්වය.

  3. Carl c Haight

    I have a Sri Lankan friend, but what I can not understand about her is – she comes from Sri Lanka – which is an island – and she can’t SWIM – how is that ????????

  4. Reevesneydorff

    One thing that is missing is, if you visit a Srilankan toilet,One will notice a hand shower by the commode,or just a tap and an old tin to collect water.Sri Lankans,must wash as opposed to using toilet paper.Soap is a luxury.

    1. Sunny

      Of course buddy, washing the @$$ is a must. It shouldn’t even come as a surprise that some people wash and not wipe. Can’t understand why people in some countries wipe it and not wash. Yuk! Imagine walking around with an @$$hole with $h!t still in it….

  5. Nishan Atulugamage

    This post doesn’t go hand in hand with present situation in the country, certain things are done away many years ago and those habits we don’t find in the society but it may be there in couple of places. about food Sri Lankans does not eat rice & curry for whole three meals… so much varieties and it’s easier for someone to say Rice & Curry.. Sri Lankans eat at least 4 vegetables for two major meals like Lunch and Dinner and breakfast is different in many days.

    I don’t agree with




  6. Thushara disanayaka

    Sri Lanka is an Island but trust me that you can still meet thousands of people who haven’t seen the sea..although any one can reach to the beach latest after 4 hours journey by bus. Any one can say any thing but most of sri lankans prefer and they do eat rice and curry three times per day (do not forget that 70% of the population farmers and major crop is rice. most like to remove the shower rose and bath with open pipe or water from a filled basing and with the use of a bucket. soap is a must and it is not a luxury

  7. Prasanna

    Very few of them brings the real Sri Lankan way whoever made this cannot be a original Sri Lankan he must be a one who called a hippiya in Sri lanka

  8. charmaine

    Yep this is sri lankan, but believe me i am proud to be one of them. We do have respect for our elders, no matter where we go. Yes we are friendly people. But i guess you need to also understand we do have have a literacy rate of 95%. Thank you

  9. Royston De Zilwa

    Happy to be a Sri Lankan, interesting some of which are mentioned do not meet up with Sri Lankans way of life, but then what the heck, its nice reading matter and good photographs…
    Best Wishes..

  10. advani

    Such a lovely country , if only they could STOP corruption that is everywhere, from getting your kid enrolled in a school to the Customs, Police, Courts, Airports, etc etc. ALL SRI LANKANS ARE INVOLVED IN CORRUPT ACTIVITIES. wHAT A SHAME TO THE OLDER GENERATIONS THAT LIVED DECENTLY.

  11. John Palermo Montecarlo

    Love to visit Sri Lanka next year to meet the guy I loved for so long… hope visa is not a problem… and its not far from Colombo Airport…


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