Welcome to Interesting Emails dot com. I publish all the interesting email forwards I receive in this website so everyone can access, read and enjoy and share them freely on the Internet. So far there are a good number of emails you can find here and I keep on adding more as I get them.

Emails published here vary from funny, interesting, educational to weird, strange and sad emails. But I won’t keep you waiting to enjoy these wonderful emails here by telling you about website or its history.

Go browse around the website and dig in the archives and previous emails. You are sure to find some treasures in it. Enjoy and spread the word…

Please email me all and any interesting email/s you receive. Share them with the world over the Internet. Mail them to: zapric(at)yahoo.com – (replace ‘(at)’ with ‘@’ sign) – When you send email forwards please state the name you would like to credit it to (and if you have a website/blog the link to it),  so that I can credit you with for sharing the email/s.

Thank you for taking the time learn more about this website and this endeavor.

Website Administrator

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