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Crazy Stuff – It Happens Only In INDIA Pictures

Oh My Golly……………Only in India!
Going Crazy when in in India……..!
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Stop….. Look …..Pay ……Proceed !

A policeman taking bribe openly
to allow the lorries in a road
At Chennai during non permitted hours
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Leaking Buses
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So Do This happen only in India???

Year 2050 INVISIBLE Airbus Passenger Plane Concept Photos

A380 Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has theorized a see-through passenger plane possibly by year 2050.

This plane will be one with a completely transparent fuselage.

In this concept future Airbus commercial passenger aircraft, the push of a button by the captain would a send an electrical pulse through a high-tech ceramic skin — making the main body of the plane see-through.

airbus aircraft concepts

transparent airbus aircraft


see through airbus


invisible airbus plane future concept 2050


The extraordinary design would allow travelers to look down on cities and landscapes thousands of feet below or gaze up at the heavens, giving them the sensation of floating unassisted through the sky.


invisible airbus aircraft

“This smarter structure would help to make the aircraft lighter and more cost-efficient while giving the passenger 360 degree views of the skies,” wrote the company. “The planes of the future will offer an unparalleled, unobstructed view of the wonders of the five continents — where you will be able see the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower through the transparent floor of the aircraft.”

inside airbus aircraft


airbus plane seats


airbus plane concepts


airbus invisible aeroplane

Airbus Invisible Aircraft Photos brought to you by Interesting Email Forwards.

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Crushed 121 Toyota Corolla Car Accident With Indian Lorry Truck

Hi All,
Speed Thrill Pictures: 121 Toyota Car Accident With Indian Lorry Truck. what happens when a toyota car crashes into an Indian made lorry?

These are photos I received in an email forward from Sri Lanka showing a 121 Toyota car in an accident in Sri Lanka island A5 road between Pollonnaruwa and Batticloa towns. From the from one of the photo which show the over turned Indian lorry truck. (From the trucks body I think it is a Indian Ashok Leyland lorry is it?) and this Toyota car I thin is Chinese assembled new car in Sri Lanka. Just shows it doesn’t have to be always be a Ferrari GTO or Bugati Veyron to achieve a spectacular end.

Imagine the speed this flimsy body 121 Toyota traveled to overturn a sturdy Indian steel lorry. And what happened to the Toyota car passengers is anyone’s guess!

So drive safely.

toyota truck accident

the toyota car and indian lorry truck accident

toyota sri lanka

what a toyota sri lanka car looks after an accident. crushed like a soda can.

toyota coralla car

final rights of a nice toyota coralla car crushed into a pulp.

toyota coralla accident

police inspect toyota coralla accident crash. mark spot.

toyota car srilanka

sad end to toyota car srilanka. They don't have wrecker services or rollback tow trucks in Sri Lanka. car is pulled by village farm tractor.

toyota accident car

only half of the toyota accident car remains from the full car.

new toyota coralla china

what a new 121 black toyota coralla car made in china looks like

damaged coralla car

damaged coralla car. see the z bend sign on the road.

coralla car accident

local coralla car accident spectators

car lorry accident

over turned Indian lorry in the behind the accident car. Unlike western trucks Indian trucks and lorry are built sturdy with solid steel and wood body. don't easily dent like a flimsy body American trucks like old ford trucks. God help Japanese car drivers in Sri Lanka!