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BMW Vision Concept Car Pics

Can be your future Goal……!


BMW Vision

bmw vision concept

 This is the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Car.

It’s the vision for the BMW automotive future.

bmw vision pictures

A vehicle that

previews tomorrow’s driving pleasure using today’s technology,

blends ground-breaking efficiency

with trademark BMW performance


shows just how fast, captivating sustainable motoring can be.

new bmw cars

future bmw models

bmw vision dynamics

new bmw driver seats

bmw vision efficientdynamics

bmw vision connecteddrive

bmw tire design

bmw interior design

bmw computer navigation

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Emma Maersk – Largest Container Ship in the World

Take a look of devil.

With MAN Engine.
Emma Maersk – The World’s Biggest Container Ship
Owned by Maersk Shipping Lines


largest container shipOne of the biggest container ship in the world, entering the port


maersk biggest shipBigger than Any Aircraft carrier. It carries 15,000 containers and has a Crew of 13.


Biggest container shipIt was designed for High Sea travel only. And is unable to negotiate the Suez or Panama Canals


towing tug boatThe Tug boats look like Toy Boats


worlds largest containershipTop Speed is 55.80 km/h

China to California in 4 days


maersk container ship


ship command bridgeIts 10 floors to the Command Bridge

Emma Maersk shipThe first Trip was with 13 crew

The cost was $145,000,000 US


biggest container vessel11 Cranes can load or unload the Ship at the same Time


large ship engineOne of the Largest Ship Engines in the World
ship engine pictures

ship motorblock imagesThe Ships motorblock


ship crankshaft picturesThe Crankshaft of the Ship


ship piston rodsThe giant piston rods




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MV Rena Container Ship Crash Accident Pictures in New Zealand Sea

Below are some spectacular pictures of the

MV Rena Monrovia Container Ship crash in New Zealand

that were received by Interesting Emails dot Com.

This ship accident occurred on October 2011.
cargo ship accident

The Greek-owned and Liberian, Montrovia Port flagged cargo ship ran aground on 5 October on Astrolabe Reef, 22km (14 miles) from Tauranga Harbour on New Zealand’s North Island. (BBC News)


Salvage teams are working on removing containers from the crashed ship.

New Zealand Grounded Ship

There are about 1,300 containers to be removed from the ship, which will also be moved off the reef the ship is stuck on.

rena ship wreck reef


oil spill pictures



maritime accidents pictures

corgo ship pictures

The vessel in danger of cracking in two

container ship crashes

container ship crash

container ship accidents

The Container ship, which got stuck on the New Zealand offshore reef and was in danger of breaking apart.

It initially leaked 350 tonnes of oil, killing more than 1,000 sea birds.

ship sea oil spill


Environmentalists had warned of disaster if all 1,700 tonnes of oil and 200 tonnes of diesel originally held on board spilled from the vessel.

ship breaking pictures

The ship’s Philippine captain and second officer have been charged over the incident.

But the real culprits who own the ship may get away scot free.
container oil spill


cargo ship crash

Large shipping companies register their container ships and cargo vessels in countries like Greece Islands and Monrovia Port in obscure African Nations like Liberia so that they don’t have to maintain high safety standards and highly trained staff to man their vessel like the laws in United States and European Countries require.


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Cheapest Car In the World: Tata Nano Car on Fire Accident Pictures

We received the following email forward and pictures about the cheapest car in the world, the Tata Nano, suddenly and mysteriously catching fire and totally burning down from a friend in Sri Lanka. Apparently this Tata Nano car fire accident happened in Colombo city, Sri Lanka somewhere in early September or late July 2011.



Dear All,

Today morning I took a budget taxi (a Tata Nano) and came to work. After I got down from the cab it couldn’t even go 100m, it caught on fire.
Luckily the driver was able to jump out of the car but if I was seated behind I wouldn’t have escaped.

Please pass the massage and tell your loved ones not to use these cabs as some parties are already trying to cover the story..

See the car fire pictures below.

Same this has happened in India too.


tata nano fire

cheapest car world

tata car accident



UpdateAccording to Wikipedia there has been a small number of Tata Nano Cars catching fire incidents been reported. This led Indian auto maker, Tata Motors to add safety devices to the vehicle although unlike America or Europe where people’s safety is high valued (e.g. see Ford truck recalls earlier this year for correcting minor faults) this Indian car maker has so far initiated no recalls!!! According to Tata the car is safe!!!  There are some other safety concerns glaring in this cheap car as well, such as the fact that it has no airbags and passenger-side wing mirror, making rare car accidents like catching fire relative.

For your further information, the Tata Nano is a Indian Car that was labeled as the cheapest car in the world when it was launched in 2009 by its maker the giant Indian auto maker Tatar Motors. It was termed the one-lakh car or hundred thousand Indian Rupee car (about US$2100). It is inexpensive, rear-engined and is a four-passenger city car. It is built aimed primarily at the Indian domestic market which is fiercely competitive driving car companies towards making the cheapest car in India and in turn the the cheapest cars in the world.


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Funny And Scary Pictures of “Oh Shit!” Moments

Moments when you are allowed to say Oh shit!

whale attack picture 

Giant whale jumps over our fishing boat


sleeping crocodile lake

Crocs waiting for me to land…


penguin jumping pictures

Jumping from iceberg right into whales mouth


nuclear bomb explosion

Driving towards a nuclear explosion


lightning striking post

Lightning while working on electricity post


girls embarrassing photos

Caught picking my nose on the giant football field tv screen


dangerous parachute accidentsParachuting on top of your friend


aircraft accident picture

Looking at a plane crash from my trucks side mirror


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