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interesting sign boards

“We Have Power. Charge Your Phone From Us!” – New Jersey Kindness in Hurricane Sandy

This is an amazing picture.

A little kindness of people in face of the devastating Hurrican Sandy that hit New Jersey hard and caused power failures everywhere.

interesting sign boards

This is a sign board that was put up by a kind resident of Hoboken city in New Jersey, United States, recently during the power-cuts and devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

Someone with power in their house letting others use it to charge their phones during the power failure in United States.


BMW Vision Concept Car Pics

Can be your future Goal……!


BMW Vision

bmw vision concept

 This is the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Car.

It’s the vision for the BMW automotive future.

bmw vision pictures

A vehicle that

previews tomorrow’s driving pleasure using today’s technology,

blends ground-breaking efficiency

with trademark BMW performance


shows just how fast, captivating sustainable motoring can be.

new bmw cars

future bmw models

bmw vision dynamics

new bmw driver seats

bmw vision efficientdynamics

bmw vision connecteddrive

bmw tire design

bmw interior design

bmw computer navigation

For More Information About the BMW Vision Car Click Here

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gas leak explosion

Beware of Gas Ovens: Home Gas Oven Leak Explosion Pictures

gas leak explosion


saudi house picture


gas oven explosion


The Incident

This incident happened in Riyadh last year (4 May 2011 ) . I personally know this family and I went to Riyadh to condolence them last weekend .

I know the person who was killed (Allah mercy upon him) . The family consists of a husband and wife and one baby girl.

They went to have the diner outside the house. They came back around midnight. When they got in their apartment they discovered that there was a gas leak in the kitchen they could feel the strong smell of gas.

The husband got in the kitchen and opened the light . Once he opened the light the kitchen exploded because of the spark form the light switch . He completely burned and was killed immediately.

The wall of the kitchen braked and some of the furniture were found 200 m away form the house in the street .

The wife is still in the ICU .

Allah saved the baby girl since her bed flipped down and protected her.

The lessons learned form this incident are :

1. When there is gas leak, never ever open any ignition source (any kind of spark).
2. Try to use electrical oven instead of gas oven.

Our warm condolence for Abdul Majeed family and their relative .



Beware of using unsafe devices like gas ovens in your beautiful homes.

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