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Find The Cat In This Picture! (Hidden Picture Test)

Did you enjoy the optical illusions in our earlier emails? Here’s another…

Find the cat…. So obvious once you find it : … frustrating when you can’t !!!

hidden picture games

Sent to www.interestingemails.com by Nithin Nandu Ramesh

How long did it take you to find the cat in this picture? Share you time spotting speed in the comments below. Lets see who can spot the cat the fastest!

16 thoughts on “Find The Cat In This Picture! (Hidden Picture Test)

  1. Katrina H.

    Can you supply the answer here on the site about where the cat is in this optical illusion picture? I’m frustrated because I can’t find it! Thanx

    1. Interesting Emails

      If I tell post the answer here it will spoil the fun for thousands of people who see this picture here every month!!!
      But believe me, there is a cat in this picture. Look more closely at all over the picture πŸ™‚

  2. jeff

    i saw it but my friend post me this pic and said they are 2 cats… i only can see 1 cat.. acctually how many cat are there?


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