Funny Indian Marriage Proposal in Hinlish


This is an actual letter (taken from The Times of India ) in response to a `Marriage
Proposal’ advertisement.


Madam, I am one young gentleman living only with myself in Patna . I am

seeing your advertisement for marriage purpose in the daily newspaper.

So I decide to press myself on you and I am hopping you will make the

marriage with me.


I am the son of my father & mother of agriculture family from inside

Patna . I having no sister and no brother also. I become big in Patna

only. I educate myself in the Zuarilal Himmatlal High School , Bezna

Road . I am nice and big, six foots tall and six inches long. My body

is filled with hardness why because I am working hardly.


I am playing also hardly. Especially I am liking the cricket. I am a

good batter also I am fast baller. Whenever I am coming running for the

balling, all batters are running everywhere why because they are

afraiding my balls. Balls are bouncing too much high. That is very

danger for them.


I am very nice gentleman. I always laughing loudly at everyone. I am

happy always and gay also. Ladies they are saying I am nice and soft

because I giving respect to them. I am always liking if ladies are on

top. That is how nice I am.


I am not having any bad habits. I drink milk only and no other bad

things. I am not chewing cigarettes or eating gutka paan why because it

not good for all the peoples. So I am not doing so. I am keep fitting

everyday. Morning I am going to jim and I am pumping like anything.

Daily I am pumping and pumping. If you want you can came and see how I

pumping the dumb bells in the jim. And now good muscles are come outing



I am having very much money in my pant everyday and my pant is everyday

open for you why because I am nice gentleman, but still I am living

with myself only. What to do? So I am taking my things into my own

hands everyday. That is why I want to press myself on you, so that you

will come and take my things into your hands.


Madam, if you are marrying me, I am telling you, I will be hardly

loving you everyday. If you are not marrying me then I will press you

and press you until you come. I am at your feet and slowing looking up,

with hope. I am waiting very badly for your reply why because I am

stiff with excitement and anticipation.


Expecting good answer and replies to me in the future.






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