Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips

Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips for Office Personnal and Casual Mobile Users

Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips

Our Company HR manager sent this email about Mobile Phone Etiquette…

Mobile Phone Etiquette

The Mobile Phone has become an absolute essential in the present day
context. But how many of you know how to use the mobile phone without
causing a nuisance to the others?

1. The ring tone and the volume- The ring tone should be a decent one to
suit the environment that you are in and the volume should be at a minimal.
Some of you love to have a personalized ring tone, such as songs, music and
other sounds. However such ring tones should not be a one which annoys and
irritates other people around you. If you are a professional, working in an
office/company, ensure that your ring tone is suitable to your work place
and your position.

2. How to answer- If you are, at an official meeting/interview, at the
cinema, theatre, attending a conference/workshop/seminar keep your mobile
phone on silence/vibrate mode or switch it off completely. Do not disturb
the others by taking calls or answering calls during such time. If you are
inside a lift/elevator, inside a bus/train or with strangers in a public
place or inside a restaurant or a shopping mall, make your conversations
very short and speak in a soft manner so as not to let the others listen to
your entire conversation. While you may believe it is good for your image
for the others to listen to your conversation and to let them know as to who
you are talking with, people are not interested in listening to your private
conversations and it is a nuisance to them.

3. Conversations should not disturb the others- In any manner your
private conversations should be done in private. There is no need for the
others to be a part of your private conversations with your loved ones.

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