Portraits of Marriage Life IF Husband And Wife Always Fight



Is this what marriage really means?


happy married couple


enjoy married life

fighting husband wife

poor husband wife


husband wife fighting

wife beating husband


wife hitting husband


patient house wife


couple bath together


joys of marriage


Don’t Make Your Marriage Like This…


You Have The Power To Change.



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~~ Marriage Email Forwards ~~

3 thoughts on “Portraits of Marriage Life IF Husband And Wife Always Fight

  1. lynne

    I think, the one who did this has against his partner or wife. All he does here is blame the woman why relationship fail, why marriage become a prison cell…

    I have a partner, he deliberately hurt me, he deliberately wants me to suffer. he is happy to see me dead. he wants me to take my life by the cross he wants me to bear, by staying with his bitch friends, co dependents..

    Men have big mistakes to blame women why marriage fails. Men are like 5 year old boys in their suspenders, very insensitive, uncaring, hypocrite individuals.

    Few men understands and consider their wives/partners feelings. Most men have this ego that they think they are very good enough, that they have the right to hurt and dump us.

    I do not want to be mocked and humiliated by men, so i decided to dump the man who insult me, hurt me, and doesn’t want to stand with me.

    I just ended my bullshit relationship to the person who mocked and degrade me. I need a life, i need to be happy. I cannot live anymore with someone who is unfaithful,, inconsiderate, liar and cruel man.

    1. Interesting Emails Post author

      Thank you Lynne your comment. I also thought this email forward is bias towards women. Like you say I think its probably made by a man. He mostly made it for fun but it reflects his underline subconscious belief that the woman is to blame for marital woes. Maybe he had some unpleasant experiences with women like you had with your man.


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