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What is the Fastest Car in the World? – Here’s Pics of World’s Fastest Car

Ever wondered what is the fastest car in the world?

Here is the fastest car in the word as at the end of 2010 & 2011


fastest car worldBugatti Veyron 


It is the ONLY car which can dare you to Cross 400KM/H.

1st gear – 100km/h
2nd gear – 150km/h
3rd gear – 200km/h
4th gear – 250km/h
5th gear – 310km/h
6th gear- 360km/h
7th gear – 431.072 km/h (267.856 mph)


It is the World’s Fastest Car Ever – It has beaten Ferrari, BMW, Mclearn, Mercedes SLR, Porshe Cayanee and Dodge Viper.

Speed of this world’s fastest car model was recorded and verified by Guinness World Records officials.

It is also the Fastest Production Car In the World

Only 30 of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport fastest cars in the world were built. Out that too only 5 will be capable of the top speed of 431km/h. Top speed of Bugatti Veyron Super Sport customer cars is electronically limited to 415 km/h (258 mph).


worlds fastest car

white Bugatti Veyron

fastest car in the world

fast car in the world

Bugatti Veyron super car

Bugatti Veyron fastest


Bugatti Veyron dashboard

Tail Gate

Bugatti Veyron car seatPosh Leather Interior

Bugatti Veyron car engine

Buggati Veyron EB 16.4 Car Engine

black Bugatti Veyron

The Sexy Derriere


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Beautiful Tour Pictures of Iguazu Falls In Brazil & Argentina

This is the Iguazu Falls also known as Iguassu Falls, or Iguaçu Falls.

Pictures Iguazu Falls It is one of the most beautiful and amazing water falls in the world.

iguassu falls brazilThis unique waterfall is located in the border of the Brazilian State of Paraná and the Argentine Province of Misiones.

Brazil Iguazu FallsIguazu falls in Brazil And Argentina, currently has the second greatest average annual flow of any waterfall in the world, after Niagara falls in USA And Canada.

water falls brazilNumerous islands along the 2.7-kilometre (1.7 mi) long edge divide the falls into about 275 separate waterfalls and cataracts.

water falls eletricityIguazu Falls height varies between 60 metres (200 ft) and 82 metres (269 ft).


Iguazu Falls Argentina

Iguazu Falls is located where the Iguazu River tumbles over the edge of the Paraná Plateau, 23 kilometres upriver from the Iguazu’s place of merger with the famous Paraná River in South America.

iguazu falls toursWalkways allow close views of the falls from both Brazil and Argentina.

iguassu falls picturesTwo-thirds of the falls are within Argentine territory.