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8 Reasons Why Men Die Before Women



It’s not because they want to!!

 why men die

men die early

men die before women

men before women

dengerous job situations

dangerous work hazards

cat bulldozer jobs

car repair lift

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~ Interesting Picture Emails ~

Funny And Scary Pictures of “Oh Shit!” Moments

Moments when you are allowed to say Oh shit!

whale attack picture 

Giant whale jumps over our fishing boat


sleeping crocodile lake

Crocs waiting for me to land…


penguin jumping pictures

Jumping from iceberg right into whales mouth


nuclear bomb explosion

Driving towards a nuclear explosion


lightning striking post

Lightning while working on electricity post


girls embarrassing photos

Caught picking my nose on the giant football field tv screen


dangerous parachute accidentsParachuting on top of your friend


aircraft accident picture

Looking at a plane crash from my trucks side mirror


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Snake in the Shoe (Check Before Wearing Shoes)

Don’t keep your shoes out of the house

snake in shoe

dangerous house snake

snake inside shoe

small snake picture

small house snake

shoe lace picture

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