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599 Ferrari car picture

New Ferrari GTO 599 Super Car Photos For Ferrari Sport Car Fans

Interesting emails was fortunate to receive an email forward with some great photos of the new Ferrari GTO 599 super racing car. According to news this is the most exclusive Ferrari sports car ever built. It’s rumoured to be priced at over US $ 450,000. It’s not as expensive as a Bugati Veyron or Maclaren sports car but certainly¬† this Ferrari is amongst the top 10 most expensive cars in the world.

Like all Ferrari models before this only a handful of Ferrari GTO 599 will be built and like the previous model they will be hand built cars. The car as nearly 600 horsepower engine or double that of a heavy duty Ford truck or Mack truck.  This gives the car the power boost to accelarate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour speed in less than 3.5 seconds. The Ferrari GTO car is also said to have reached a maximum speed limit of 228 miles per hour in test tracks so far.

So enjoy the pictures. Share any interesting facts and details you’ve got about the Ferrari GTO in the comments here please.

new GTO Ferrari car photo

new GTO Ferrari car photo on racing track

new Ferrari GTO 599

new Ferrari GTO 599 with classic Ferrari look

new Ferrari gto599 car

new Ferrari GTO599 car drive

new ferrari car picture

new Ferrari car picture as seen from above

ferrari gto 599 interior

Ultra-modern, luxurious and spacious Ferrari GTO 599 interior seating

Ferrari GTO599 picture

Rear angle view of the Ferrari GTO599 picture

599 ferrari gto car

The New 599 Ferrari GTO Super car stoped in a moutain plain in Italy?

599 Ferrari car picture

The 599 Ferrari car as seen from front left side angle picture

New Ferrari GTO 599 Super Car Photos For Ferrari Sport Car Fans

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