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Oak Crest Golf Club Alligator Attack (Warning Contains Graphic Images)

(Warning: Graphic images displayed below)

What is a Golf Ball Worth?

A ball was in the pond on Hole #16 at Oak Crest Golf Club. It was a brand new Titlelist with the Verso logo on it, and he didn’t want to lose it OR take the two stroke penalty as he was already behind in $$$ points.


alligator attack victim

alligator attack picture

Oak Crest Golf Club


man eating alligator


golf club alligator


emergency health helicopter


emergency health freezer


UPDATE ON Oak Crest Golf Club Alligator Attack: According to Hoax Slayer (a website that debunks false email claims) the horrific pictures depicted in this email forward we received is genuine but the event and description is not exactly true or related. The likely event that generated this email forward happened in 2009 at a Beaufort, South Carolina golf club. There a golfer really did lose part of an arm to an alligator while attempting to recover his ball. However, the photographs in this message have no relation whatsoever to the Beaufort incident. The images do not depict a golfer who was attacked while retrieving his ball at Oak Crest Golf Club Florida or anywhere else but show the results of an alligator attack on a snorkeler called Bill Hedden at Charleston, South Carolina’s Lake Moultrie recreation area in September 2007.


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