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men women colours

How Men And Women See Colours

TRUE isn’t it?

men women colours


Funny Interesting Pictures

funny interesting pictures

House on fire! What Can I do?

interesting squirrel picture

Wait till I come…

funny cat picture

pictures interesting moments


peoples interesting pics


natural interesting photos


modified bicycle pictures


jumping man picture


interesting picture moments


interesting picture


interesting people photos


funny reindeer pictures


funny moments pictures


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Interesting Images of Sea Waves & Sun Light – Clark Little Photography

These incredible images of waves were taken by the world’s number 1 photographer of surf: Mr. Clark Little.

He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the the best images of his career.

He captures magical moments inside the “tube”, as surfers say.

Clark Little photos

Tropical Beach Through The Red Surf Wave…. Mysterious Shot


Clark Little Photography

Sand In Surf…. when crashing on beach…


amazing sea pictures

Inside The White Surf Tube…. Tumultuous Waters


surf tube waves

Tabular…. Shining Sun


sunset sea waves


sea wave photos
Sun … glints off wave
Clark Little/SWNS


picture surfer waves

Photo of when Surf Wave Crashes Down on the beach


sun sea waves

Surf Splash…. Stunning Surf Image of Crashing Wave..


surf beach sunset

Sea Waves Molten…. Liquid Gold


huge sea waves

Final Break….

Picture Scene Just Under The Huge Surf Wave Crashing Down


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aircraft accidents crashes

Rarest Plane Crashes And Flight Accident Photos

Some of the Rarest Commercial, Military & Private Flight Photos

commercial plane accidents

Did You Say More Left Aileron??. . . .

(An Actual Cross Wind Landing of a Air France Commercial Jetliner)


aircraft accidents crashes

In Asia everything bows!

Doing a gear check on an EVA AIR Boing 747

Anybody for a slice of crashed airplane???

runway aeroplane accidents
Those dang pot holes . .

they are even on airport runways now!!

private plane accidents

Hang in there baby!!

Private plane accidentally flown into electricity power lines


plane cargo accidents
Making sure they use all available cargo space….

Delta Airlines jet engine swallows cargo box


exploding fighter plane
oops… wrong button
Pilot ejects exploding fighter plane at an airshow accident


commercial aircraft accidents

Just cooling the aircraft in Miami

(flight door opened in mid air!)


Cessna plane crashes

Hey it looked hard! (Cessna Submarine)


b52 bomber accidents

Bunker buster bomber gone black buster…


plane crashed buildings

Honey, I ‘ m Home



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Old Photos Of New York City – 1900 to 1950 in Black & White

Interesting Old Photos

of New York City

1900 To 1950

(As captured in old Black and White Photographs)

old new york picsView from Empire State Building to Chrysler Building and Queensboro Bridge. January 1932.

1900 new york central parkThe Mall, Old Photo of New York City Central Park taken around 1905.

retro pictures newyorkCommuters in New York City Grand Central Terminal. October 1941.

oppossums shop pictureA row of hanging oppossums in a shop

Far cry from today’s meat shops in New York City

old pictures newyorkcityAn old woman carrying a heavy load on Lafayette Street, New York City, February 1912.

old newyork slums picsHuts made of salvaged materials. Notice the baby carriage.

Photographed by Berenice Abbott. October 25, 1935.

old newyork photoDowntown Manhattan as seen from the Empire State Building 27th floor. December 1931.


old new york festaAn old black and white photo of a NYC Italian Festa.

old newyork city photosOld Black & White Photo of Inside NYC Washington Market, 1917.

newyork washington streetOld New York Photo – Produce market on Washington Street. 1952.

newyork tenement buildingsRear view of tenement, 134 1/2 Thompson Street. Lewis Wickes Hine. February 1912.

Are they much different to the slums in New York today???

new york city peopleAmerican Advocates of women’s right to vote in early 20th century.

The Suffragettes on way to Boston


Mulberry Bend newyorkcityClam seller in Mulberry Bend. Around 1900.

Gramercy Park ManhattanGramercy Park, Manhattan. Check out the decorative ironwork. Photographed by Berenice Abbott. November 27, 1935.

1940 new york cityS.S. Coamo leaving New York Harbor in December 1941.

1900 newyork girlsA girl carrying Japanese Kimonos in Thompson St.

This photo was taken almost 100 years ago in February 1912

52nd street newyorkView of 52nd St. and E. River. December 1931.

newyork school childrenSchool children around May poles in New York City Central Park

(How Many of the children in this picture may now be grandmothers…

and how many more may have quit the veil of tears…

today is but a dream tomorrow …)

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