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picture worth thousand words

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words – Fuel Tanker Truck Warning Notice In Arabic!

A new fuel tanker truck arrives on location somewhere in the Middle East.
The company manager in charge tells the fleet supervisor to ensure that the tanker truck is clearly labeled:
“Diesel Fuel” in Arabic and “No Smoking” in Arabic.
This is what he got …
(see attached photos)


This is for real !!!!

fuel tanker truck

This is what the manager got on the tanker truck trailer

picture worth thousand words

Is this stupid or ignorance?


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panama city beach fl

Amazing Cloud Tsunami Pictures of Panama City Beach FL

panama city beach fl
A helicopter pilot and his boss were able to capture these amazing pictures of a incredible weather phenomenon recently in Panama City beach FL in the United States. This photos of this incident which were take on February 5th 2012 has now become famous on the Internet as cloud tsunami at Panama City beach.

panama city beach photos

panama city beach

panama city beach pictures

Environmentalists are saying this is a wave of cloud with thick fog which they call, “cloud form waves”. But the online community has been quick to called it as a, “cloud tsunami”

Helicopter pilot Mike Schaeffer and his boss JR Hott, (owner of Panhandle Helicopter services) which offers Panama city tourists sky tours around the area were the photographers who managed to capture these rare scenes.

According to one explanation, this happens as the hot air mist which is blown towards Panama City beach in Florida encounters the the tall skyscrapers on the beach. The humid hot air then rises up and freezes because of the temperature drop to become like a cloud and form this amazing scenery.

These photos have become a big hit across the world through Facebook sharing.


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8 Reasons Why Men Die Before Women



It’s not because they want to!!

 why men die

men die early

men die before women

men before women

dengerous job situations

dangerous work hazards

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car repair lift

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