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3D Art Work From A Single Sheet Of White Paper

paper art designs3D Art work made from a single sheet of paper without cutting or adding anything extra,

Depicting two snowballs rolling towards a two story house.


paper designs 3d

Two coffins and a beautiful creeper


interesting email forwards

A multi-storied house on stilts


amazing paper creationsA 3D Paper Art depicting a Native Indian tent


Someone has been here…. 🙂


3d paper designsSuspension bridge from two pieces of white paper.


3 dimension paper handwork

Framed paper art of a tree in fall with fallen leaves


3d handwork frames

Another 3D Frame Artwork


3d castle model

A castle constructed using paper from a single sheet white paper.


3d art models

The paper castle model in a made in a large scale

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keukenhof flower garden

Springtime Photos of Netherlands: Beautiful Keukenhof Garden & Tulip Flowers

SPRING….like you’ve never seen it before !

The Beautiful Keukenhof Garden & Tulip Flowers of Netherlands

orange tulip flowers
In springtime, the lowland area by the North Sea is carpeted with fields of gladioli, hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, crocuses… and, of course, tulips

netherlands tulip gardens

The patchwork quilt of colours in the Keukenhof park, just outside Lisse in South Holland, Netherlands , is a veritable feast for the eyes

netherlands flower shop amsterdam

Amsterdam’s flower market – the Bloemenmarkt – reflects the country’s passion for cut flowers and plants


keukenhof garden netherlands

Spring in Keukenhof Garden is one of the main tourist attractions of the Netherlands


keukenhof garden flowers

Around seven million bulbs are planted each year in the park at Keukenhof, in an area of 32 hectares

keukenhof flower garden

The bulbs of Keukenhof are re-planted each year according to the current trends and in collaboration with a number of gardening magazines


holland tulip farms

The best way to appreciate the full glory of the Dutch spring is to hire a bike and cycle one of the tourist routes among the bulb fields

flower crates netherlands

Tulips originated in the east and were brought to Holland from the Moslem Ottoman Empire in the mid 1500s


Bloemenmarkt flower seeds

The Bloemenmarkt – set on the capital’s Singel canal and said to be the world’s only floating flower market – has a score of stalls where you can buy all sorts of plants, flowers, bulbs and seeds

beautiful photographs netherlands

Keukenhof – literally ‘kitchen garden’ – is part of the hunting grounds of the ancient Teylingen estate


beautiful holland pictures

This year, the theme for the Keukenhof exhibition is Germany: Land of Poets and Philosophers

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