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Crazy Stuff – It Happens Only In INDIA Pictures

Oh My Golly……………Only in India!
Going Crazy when in in India……..!
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Stop….. Look …..Pay ……Proceed !

A policeman taking bribe openly
to allow the lorries in a road
At Chennai during non permitted hours
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Leaking Buses
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So Do This happen only in India???

Funny African Pictures Gallery – Only In Africa Funny Pictures

Who need an Expensive iPod or Walkman

africa funny pictures

I just love Africa , simple and not complicated.

We are just who we are.
No stress.
I am proud to be African.


African Transportation – 1 – Toyota Co(w)rolla


only africa pictures

Because Petrol is Expensive why not use a Cowrolla

funny signs banners

Must be Zimbabwe ???

funny humor pictures

This vehicle was seen near Makerere , Zimbabwe

funny english signs

Listen – English is only a 2nd language !!!
You’ve got to make allowances.

funny africa pictures

African Transportation 2 – You are going to die before you even get to the Hospital

funny african roads

This was photographed in Buru Buru, Nairobi . Kenya

funny african picture

Hot water system. Home made

funny african pics

Transportation – 2 – pick-up truck !!!

funny african photos

These guys must have smoked weed!
Look at the goat.

african funny pictures

Human ingenuity?
Painting the swimming pool.

funny photo sites

‘Nuff said !!!



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