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Year 2050 INVISIBLE Airbus Passenger Plane Concept Photos

A380 Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has theorized a see-through passenger plane possibly by year 2050.

This plane will be one with a completely transparent fuselage.

In this concept future Airbus commercial passenger aircraft, the push of a button by the captain would a send an electrical pulse through a high-tech ceramic skin — making the main body of the plane see-through.

airbus aircraft concepts

transparent airbus aircraft


see through airbus


invisible airbus plane future concept 2050


The extraordinary design would allow travelers to look down on cities and landscapes thousands of feet below or gaze up at the heavens, giving them the sensation of floating unassisted through the sky.


invisible airbus aircraft

“This smarter structure would help to make the aircraft lighter and more cost-efficient while giving the passenger 360 degree views of the skies,” wrote the company. “The planes of the future will offer an unparalleled, unobstructed view of the wonders of the five continents — where you will be able see the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower through the transparent floor of the aircraft.”

inside airbus aircraft


airbus plane seats


airbus plane concepts


airbus invisible aeroplane

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aircraft landing emergency

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