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Emma Maersk – Largest Container Ship in the World

Take a look of devil.

With MAN Engine.
Emma Maersk – The World’s Biggest Container Ship
Owned by Maersk Shipping Lines


largest container shipOne of the biggest container ship in the world, entering the port


maersk biggest shipBigger than Any Aircraft carrier. It carries 15,000 containers and has a Crew of 13.


Biggest container shipIt was designed for High Sea travel only. And is unable to negotiate the Suez or Panama Canals


towing tug boatThe Tug boats look like Toy Boats


worlds largest containershipTop Speed is 55.80 km/h

China to California in 4 days


maersk container ship


ship command bridgeIts 10 floors to the Command Bridge

Emma Maersk shipThe first Trip was with 13 crew

The cost was $145,000,000 US


biggest container vessel11 Cranes can load or unload the Ship at the same Time


large ship engineOne of the Largest Ship Engines in the World
ship engine pictures

ship motorblock imagesThe Ships motorblock


ship crankshaft picturesThe Crankshaft of the Ship


ship piston rodsThe giant piston rods




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