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Scenic Swiss Underground Mountain House Design in Switzerland

Hi, I am the kid next door‘s imaginary friend

underground residence entrance

This is the entrance to my underground home in an undisclosed location in Switzerland…


underground house designs

This is how my home looks at night from the outside. cool no??


underground room design

the modern bathroom on the underground second floor of the house

underground room picture

our sitting room

underground house ventilation

the house design is designed to give us plenty of ventilation and natural light

underground house roof

underground house design

what do you think about our amazing architecture?

underground home windows


underground home staircases

staircases leading to lower and upper levels of our home

underground home pictures


underground bedroom design

you may miss our house when you walk along our beautiful scenic Swiss mountain slope

swiss mountain house

the dinning room

mountain house windows

our below ground kitchen

below ground kitchen

Finaly our incredible underground Swiss mountain home as seen from the sky!
mountain house design

Now it is your turn to forward photos of my secret home and let everyone know…


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