What A Friend…

We make so many FRIENDS,

Some become Dearest,

Some become Special,

Fell in LOVE with someone,

Some go abroad,

Some change their cities,

Some left the country,

We left Some,

Some are in contact,

Some are not in contact,

Some don’t contact because of their EGO,

We don’t contact some because of OUR EGO,

Whatever they were,

We still REMEMBER,


Because of the part they played to make MEMORIES.

Its friendship.. …..

When a person calls u by a stupid name and never by ur own name…..

When they always get angry, whenever u tell them that u r busy and cant reply…

When they tell u everything about themselves even if its embarrassing. ..

When they come to c u, whenever they get a chance….

When u argue with each other on stupid things and then end up laughing….

Friends….. …

They love you,

but they are not your lover

They care for you,

but they are not from your family

They are ready to share your pain,

but they are not in your blood relation .

They are……..FRIENDS! !!!!

True friend …… .

Scolds like a DAD..

Cares like a MOM..

Teases like a SISTER..

Irritates like a BROTHER..

And finally loves U more than a LOVER.

Send to all your good friends even me if I am one of them.
See how many you get back home…..

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